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Shashi and The Ameswell Integrate Mountain View Into Hotel Circuit

Written by
Lina Broydo
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Shashi and The Ameswell Integrate Mountain View Into Hotel Circuit

Written by
Lina Broydo

Friday, October 01, 2021 

Shashi and The Ameswell Integrate Mountain View Into Hotel Circuit

By Lina Broydo 

It’s 5 pm on Wednesday, halfway to the weekend… Yeah!! Although is there a weekend  reprieve in Silicon Valley? 

Treat yourself to a cold one, it’s National Drink Beer Day, one of the world’s oldest and  most popular adult beverages. 

On this mid-week Happy Hour I head to a few of the new, modern in architectural  design, hotels with a definite California flair, both located in Mountain View, a small town  in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

You may want to know that it’s not all about chips and technology anymore in Mountain  View where Shashi and The Ameswell – the newly opened luxury hotels provide high  touch in the land of high-tech. 

With the Michelin stars chefs, who preside over the gourmet kitchens, the luxurious spa  treatments with the R&R and the upscale fitness equipment in mind, the azure color  swimming pools, the patios where the velvety sounds of live jazz music enrich the  guests tastes in the culinary treats by their famous chefs and where some of the locals  enjoy bringing their favorite pooches (yes, the hotels are pet friendly! and that’s  definitely music to my ears. 

For me it is the Old Rasputin Stout on Nitro at the cheers-ful and very friendly Emerald  Hour Bar at the newly opened Shashi Hotel in Mountain View and the casual Roger  restaurant at The Ameswell Hotel located in the vicinity of the world renowned NASA  Ames Research Center, shaped by the passion for knowledge and technology. “I first  fell in love with computers when I saw one for the first time as a boy visiting Ames” – said Steve Jobs. 

The origins of National Drink Beer Day are not known for certain; however, it does land  on the birthday of Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness Brewery. It also falls just  before the start of Oktoberfest.  

Thanks Arthur and thanks Shashi and The Ameswell! And special thanks to Jerry Rice’s  energy drink, G.O.A.T. Fuel served at The Ameswell Hotel.

Any plans to attend the neighboring Shoreline Amphitheatre concerts or the iconic  Computer History Museum, or pay a business visit to Google, Microsoft, Linkedin,  Apple, Facebook, Amazon – “Take the elevator home” to one of Shashi’s and The  Ameswell’s beautiful guest rooms following the champagne celebration at its Emerald  

Hour and the Roger’s bars. And as the charming barman at the Emerald Hour Bar  said: “It is an awesome fun.” Ahh.. the things you learn while enjoying a drink at the  hotel’s Happy Hour? 


Shashi Hotel, 1625 N. Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA Ameswell Hotel, 800 Moffett Blvd. Mountain View, CA

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