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Aubree Arndt

Aubree Arndt


Aubree Arndt


Spanish-Portuguese cuisine takes center stage at Broma as guests are immersed in a journey of the senses across the Iberian peninsula thanks to Aubree Arndt helming the kitchen. With 20 years of industry experience, the executive chef playfully incorporates spice and spirits into each shareable dish.

Broma has mastered the balance between the history, personal experience and traditional flavors behind the comfort food of Spain and Portugal. “We don’t try to reinvent or design dishes,” Arndt states. “We simply recognize and stay true to what makes a dish beautiful and special.” The chef leans towards assertive flavors such as chiles, citrus and spices to build out the layers of Broma’s culturally-inspired offerings.

Through technique, ingredients and storytelling, Arndt approaches the seasonal menu organically. “My process revolves deeply around the climate we are experiencing around us and one of the things that drew me to Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky.” Highland Park’s whisky is influenced by the natural, untamed elements of the land creating a harmoniously complex taste profile that is an ode to its Orkney Island home. As the cold temperatures arrive this winter, Broma evolves under her leadership by serving up hearty textures and braised veggies that warm the body and soul.

Arndt discerns the quality of a whisky based on how well it tastes in an Old Fashioned cocktail. The three attributes she seeks in this aged spirit: balance, aroma and nuttiness. She credits the Highland Park 12 Year Old and its natural yet contradictory aromatic elements to rounding out Broma’s Portuguese sardines. Broma’s sofrito is rich with Iberico ham, briny sardine and spicy chiles, standing up to Highland Park whisky’s citrusy and slightly smoky notes. “Broma’s food is filled with lots of dried and fresh chiles, rich and robust flavors; it’s a great mix of ingredients that naturally pair well with the sweet and smokey flavors found in Highland Park.”

An easy-to-make dish the chef recommends to sip with Highland Park’s wildly harmonious whisky? A bowl of spicy, rich chili. “Whisky often gives a similar comforting, warm feeling (to chili) in contrast to all other liquors.” Arndt is passionate about making a dining experience fun with shareable plates for guests at Broma or home. “This style of dining calls to whisky as sips and bites often change from dish to dish,” she explains. Round out your next shared dinner by raising a glass of Highland Park whisky to celebrate the perfect balance of lively conversation, globally-inspired flavors, and a warming comfort that lingers.

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