Michelin Dining at Shashi Hotel

Worldclass dining experiences curated by Michelin Chef Jarad Gallagher. Explore all that Shashi Hotel has to offer with our various dining and bar options. Whether you are grabbing a drink at our Emerald Hour Bar, using fresh seasonal ingredients and serving up premium spirits and cocktails or exploring the fresh local tastes of our kitchen, we welcome you to relax and enjoy one of Mountain View's newest dining experiences at Shashi Hotel.


The Emerald Hour - The Art of Modern Mixology

Open for breakfast, dinner, and drinks.

The cocktail experience at The Emerald Hour is one driven by high end clear spirits turned into signature cocktails using local organic ingredients. At The Emerald Hour, guests will encounter a striking beverage experience that heightens their senses. We transform fresh, seasonal ingredients with premium spirits into invigorating cocktails. Our space provides a sophisticated allure, together crafting an energy that captivates our guests.


Fresh Ingredients Premium Spirits Cocktails
Fresh Seasonal Ingredients Premium Spirits Invigorating Cocktails


Broma - Casual Spanish Cuisine 

Broma presents a welcoming blend of diversity and novelty. Inspired by Spanish cuisine, each meal at our restaurant is a culinary journey of vibrant dishes like jamón ibérico, Basque-style cheese fondue, and fideuà. Offering small shareable plates and lounge-style seating, Broma is the perfect place to gather with friends and co-workers. Beverages include a thoughtfully curated selection of Spanish wines, a select few producers from other regions who embody the ethos of Broma, and fresh fruit sangrias. 


Opening delayed due to COVID. 

Carte Blanche - Boutique Coffee Café

Modern yet authentic, our boutique coffee shop is designed to draw your attention to the premium coffee. It's a connection point. Every sip is subtle perfection. Work, socialize, or simply relax. We have you covered with Carte Blanche - the perfect drink for any situation. 


Opening delayed due to COVID. 

Belle Terre - Contemporary French Fine Dining

A refreshing mélange of luxury and tasteful refinement, Bella Terra's elegant dining room, excellent service, and exclusive cocktail lounge provide an elevated, French-inspired, fine dining experience. Offering à la carte options and tasting menus, with a backdrop of an open kitchen and a wood-burning fireplace, this is a truly special culinary deilght.


Opening delayed due to COVID.