Thank you for viewing the Shashi Cash Terms & Conditions for Shashi Group LLC’s Loyalty Program deemed “Shashi Cash”. Your use of the Shashi Website and Mobile Application are subject to these terms and conditions set forth on the individual pages within the Shashi Website and Mobile Application unless otherwise expressly stated in the Shashi Cash Terms & Conditions. The Loyalty Program offers benefits to Shashi Group’s Participating Properties that are owned, managed, operated, or licensed by Shashi Group that displays or links these Terms & Conditions.

By agreeing to join Shashi Cash to receive 5% cash back on room reservations and dining, excluding taxes, fees, and gratuities, you agree to the following statements:

You have read and accepted the Shashi Group’s Loyalty Program Shashi Cash Term & Conditions, and you have read and accepted the Website’s Terms & Conditions. You consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data by Shashi Group, Shashi Cash, Shashi Hotel, and Participating Properties, and their authorized third-party agents and licensees in accord with the Sashi Group Privacy Statement.

The Shashi Cash benefits, offers, amenities, awards, and services are subject to availability and may be changed by Shashi Group at any time without notice. Shashi Group reserves the right to terminate any Loyalty Program account in violation of the Terms & Conditions. Any cash back earned is forfeited.

These Shashi Cash Terms & Conditions supersede any previous legacy rules. At Shashi Group’s discretion, Shashi Cash redemption rules, of how Members can earn and spend Shashi Cash can be modified, changed, replaced, upgraded, or rebranded at any time with or without notice. Your acceptance to the Terms & Conditions means you accept and agree to the Shashi Cash Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept, please exit the Website and Mobile Application immediately.


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Location Based Services are used to identify the user’s location within a Shashi owned, managed, operated, or licensed property in proximity to the user’s room and property’s key lock system. Location activity is only used when activating Mobile Key within the Shashi App at participating properties. Location services are only used by Shashi services to assist the user which include providing user special offers, suggestions, services, functionality, and promotions.


Members are eligible for Shashi Cash under these conditions which may be subject to change with or without notice at the discretion of Shashi Group, LLC.

To be eligible, members must meet these conditions. Members must download the Shashi App on iOS or Android Mobile Application stores. The Shashi App is a free Application. Prices can vary and change at any time with or without notice.

Members must create a Shashi Profile containing necessary information to identify the user. A Shashi ID is an email that is permanent and cannot be changed. The Shashi ID will be used by Shashi Group as the user’s or member’s unique identifier. Members will not be allowed to change the Shashi ID. Members will be able to add additional emails to their Shashi Profile that is changeable.

The Shashi ID and Primary Email must be verified by the User to earn Shashi Cash. Upon verification the Member must enroll in Shashi Cash. Members can enter either a Bank Account, Paypal, or Venmo Account to transfer Shashi Cash. Without these Accounts Shashi Cash will remain in the Shashi Application until transferred. Cash transfer capable companies can be added or subtracted with or without notice.

Member’s Reservations that are eligible must be shown, imported, or added on the App. In the event the Reservations are not added in the App, the App has features to assist in the process, or assistance is given at the property level.

Members must complete the Reservation by completing the duration of their stay and by checking out of the property. Shashi Cash is transferred between 5-7 business days depending on bank institution and if members adhere and abide by the Shashi Cash Terms and Conditions


Shashi Group, LLC participating properties include the Shashi Hotel. Properties can be added or subtracted over time without notice. Consult the Terms and Conditions for the latest participating properties.


Members of Shashi Cash are eligible to earn 5% cash back on Room Reservations and Dining at participating Shashi Group owned, managed, operated, or licensed properties when reservations are made via Shashi App, Shashi Website, or accepted partner reservation portals.


Members of Shashi Cash may receive program related communication via SMS, push notifications, or internet emails of promotions, services, assistance, local attraction, or time sensitive offers.


Members can choose to delete their Shashi Cash Account. Data from the Shashi account will be deleted, and will no longer be stored with Shashi Group per local laws. Once a member deletes an account, the data can no longer be retrieved as it is no longer stored.

Members cannot delete Shashi Cash profile or accounts if there is a pending balance within the profile. Any remaining Shashi Cash balance must be transferred to a valid account prior to account deletion.

Members are subject to Termination or Suspension of Shashi Cash if the Member violates the Shashi Cash Terms & Conditions. Members are subject to review by Shashi Group, LLC and will be notified of the violation in question.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact us at Any communication transmitted to us via the App, website, or internet email is transmitted on a non-confidential basis. Communication and material can be used for business purposes such as training, research, and action by Shashi Group, LLC.

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